• SOUP (only available in 1 ltr tubs – 4 servings)<.center>
    • Chicken and vegetable soup with quinoa, baby spinach and basil pesto – R165
    • Chicken and noodle soup with sweetcorn – R125
    • Butternut, lentil, and fennel soup- R125
    • Butternut and orange soup – R85
    • Pea and spinach soup – R125
    • Puff pastry cheese straws – R65 for 6
    • Quattro cheese and garlic(optional) monkey share bread – R75 (good for 2)
  • MAINS (minimum of 4 servings)
    • Slow cooked chicken bake with red pepper & harissa, topped with a gluten free sweetcorn crust (R95 pp) mildly spicy.
    • Korean marinated sirloin steak, charred and served pink with a cucumber, carrot, and plum kimchi side (R185pp).
    • Aubergine, mozzarella and pinenut polpette with roast vine tomatoes and a herb yoghurt (R75/pp – 3 polpette per portion).
    • Roast chicken with dates, green olives, capers, and white wine (R125 pp).
    • Chicken and vegetable pie – puff pastry lid (R185/ serves 4).
    • Char-grilled salmon with a celery, sultana, and green olive salsa (R185pp).
    • Vegetarian moussaka with a yoghurt, parmesan, and feta topping (R75pp).
    • Orzo pasta bake with tuna, tomatoes, capers, mozzarella, and parmesan (R75pp).
  • SIDES – (minimum of 4 servings)
    Sweet potato (or regular potatoes) and sage bake with cream or sage (R25pp)
    Fine green beans with a caper and flaked almond topping (R35pp)
    Blanched carrots with a honey, cinnamon, coriander & dill yoghurt dressing (R35pp)
    Tomato and pomegranate salad with red pepper and oregano (R30pp)
    Roast Romano peppers with fresh herbs, mozzarella & a balsamic reduction (R45pp)
    Mashed potatoes with butter (R30pp)
    Rice with lemon, cinnamon, and curry leaves (R30pp)
    Rice and lentil mejadra with crispy fried onions (R35pp)
    Baked rice with confit tomatoes and garlic (R35pp)
    Herbed Greek yoghurt – lovely with all the rice dishes (R25pp)